Picture of Adeniran Samson Olugbenga

Adeniran Samson Olugbenga Dr., Department of Biological Sciences

Area(s) of Specialization/Research Interests

Biotechnology, Animal Science, Genetics, Immunology, Molecular Biology


Samson is a well-articulated reproductive physiology researcher with a background in molecular biology and genetics interested in studies aimed at enhancing reproduction efficiency. I am an innovative and goal-driven individual who can easily integrate into a multicultural environment with a rare mix of motivated, detail-oriented mindset, analytical skills, problem-solving solid capabilities, and a proven ability to meet deadlines in a dynamic work environment. Excellent team spirit, passionate pursuit of collaborations, and peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Academic Credentials

1. B.Agric. in Animal Breeding and Genetics (Second Class Upper Division) (2007) 2. M.Sc. in Cell Biology and Genetics (option in Cell and Molecular Biology) (2015) 3. Ph.D. in Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction (2021)

Professional Association

1. Society for Experimental Biology of Nigeria (NISEB) 2. European Biotechnology Network 3. European Federation of Biotechnology


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