Picture of Babatunde Oladimeji Adedoyin

Babatunde Oladimeji Adedoyin Dr., Department of Physics

Area(s) of Specialization/Research Interests

Atmospheric Sciences with particular interests in; Surface/Boundary layer meteorology, Water management hydrology, Air pollution studies, Atmospheric sensor designs from locally-sourced materials, drought prediction, food security and climate modelling.


I am Oladimeji A. Babatunde. I am currently an academic staff member in the Department of Physics, College of Basic and Applied sciences, Mountain Top University. My aim is to teach the complex concepts of Physics in very simple ways that relates to human day-day experiences, beyond the equations. Also, I presently carry out low-cost researches in the field of Atmospheric science in areas such as surface layer meteorology and some small-scale air pollution measurements. Going forward, I like to engage in cutting edge, world class researches in the field of atmospheric sciences; floating a world-class laboratory, assembling a world-class research team and doing globally relevant studies.

Academic Credentials

(1) PhD (Physics), November 2018 (2) MSc (Physics), July 2014 (3) BSc (Physics), April 2010

Professional Association

American Physics Society


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