Picture of Ologundudu Mojeed Muhammed

Ologundudu Mojeed Muhammed Dr., Department of Economics

Area(s) of Specialization/Research Interests

International Economics, Development Economics, Monetary Economics & Business Economics


Dr. Ologundudu, Mojeed Muhammed is an associate professor and Acting Head of Economics Department, Mountain Top University, Ogun State, Nigeria. He bagged his B.sc, M.sc and Ph.D degree in Ogun State University, 1990, University of Lagos 1997 and University of Bath, U.K. 2016 respectively. In quest for further knowledge in his cognate discipline, he recently bagged another Doctorate degree in 2019 from Olabisi Onabanjo University in Business and Applied Economics. Dr. Ologundudu, had been involved in teaching and research activities for over a decade. He worked with Caleb University, Imota as Lecturer II, McPherson University, Seriki-Sotayo as Lecturer I for some years before joining Mountain Top University as Senior lecturer in February 30th, 2017 and rose to the rank of associate professor in November, 2020. Apart from being the acting Head of Economics Department, he is also serving in various capacities among which include the acting Director of Academic planning, member Senate representative of Mountain Top University ceremony committee, chairman of steering committee of the proposed department of Fine and Applied Arts, and member of several committees. Dr. Ologundudu who has had cognate of experience in the financial sector for period spanned over 12 years as finance and mortgage bankers before he joined the world of academics in 2009, he’s also a senior pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He had to his credit over twenty five published research articles in both local and international journals and has attended several academic conferences and workshops within and outside the country. He is a member of the Nigeria Economic Society (NES). Dr. Ologundudu is happily married to Mrs. Ologundudu Oluwakemi Eunice and they were blessed with four children; three male and one female.

Academic Credentials

B. Sc (Hons) Econs, 1990 - Ogun State University, Ago-iwoye; M. Sc Econs, 1997 - University of Lagos, Akoka; Ph. D Econs, 2016 - University of Bath, United Kingdom

Professional Association

Member of Nigerian Economics Society


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