Picture of Anana Mariam Emmanuel

Anana Mariam Emmanuel Dr., Department of Languages

Area(s) of Specialization/Research Interests

Discourse Analysis Phonetics and Phonology Sociolinguistics


Dr Anana Mariam is a lecturer in the Department of Languages, Mountain Top University, Kilometer 12, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Prayer-City, Ogun State, Nigeria. Her areas of specialisation are Discourse Analysis, Sociolinguistics and Phonetics and Phonology. As a researcher, she has published scholarly articles in local and international journals (especially in Classroom Discourse). she has also written books in English Language for students in tertiary institutions. She is an Examination Officer, Department of Languages Mountain Top University, a Chairman: Hostel Management Committee ( Female), a Coordinator, Diploma programme in Spoken English and Communication Skill Development, Coordinator, Proficiency in French, and a member of other communities in Mountain Top University. Dr Anana Mariam is a Fellow: Society for Research and Academic Excellence (SRSE) a Member, English Language Teachers’ Association of Nigeria (ELTAN), a Member, National Association of Teachers and Researchers in English as a Second Language (NASTRESL), a Member: International Association of Language Educators (IALE) and a member of other academic organisations.

Academic Credentials

B.A. English, 1994; M. A. English, 2000 and Ph.D English, 2015

Professional Association

Member, English Language Association of Nigeria Member, Language Educators Member, Society for Research and Academic Excellence


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