Picture of Mbaka Chinyere Azuka

Mbaka Chinyere Azuka Dr., Department of Mass Communication

Area(s) of Specialization/Research Interests

Communication, Language and Media for Development, Health Communication, Uses and Effects of Communication Media and Tools, Digital Communication and Multimedia Production, Children and Gender Studies


Dr Chinyere Azuka Mbaka is a communication and language scholar with over ten years experience at the tertiary education level. She has a first degree in English and a Masters and Doctorate in Communication and Language Arts. Her research interests are centered around the uses and effects of the application of communication media, gadgets and tools for development purposes. Her PhD thesis is in Health Communication and that has greatly spurred her interest in health promotion and advocacy. Dr Mbaka is a healthy living advocate and a health fitness and lifestyle coach. Dr Mbaka has published quite a number of academic papers in reputable academic journals both locally and internationally and has equally attended academic conferences, workshops and seminars both in Nigeria and abroad, where she presented research papers and progress reports. She is a member of some professional bodies in her field and this includes: member, African Council in Communication Education (ACCE), member, Association of Communication Scholars and Practitioners of Nigeria (ACSPN), member, International Readers' Association (IRA), member, Communication for Development Network (CDN) among others. Since joining the services of Mountain Top University, Dr Mbaka has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the University. She has served and is currently serving in various committees and units in one capacity or the other. This includes: Coordinator, Department of Mass Communication, Chairperson, Media and Editorial Unit, University Orator, Member, Board of MTU Ventures, Member, MTU Publicity Committee, Member, MTU Time Table Committee, Deputy Director, MTU Centre for Apprenticeship and Community Relations, among others. All these experiences have equipped her with the administrative and leadership skills needed to navigate the course of a university career. Dr Chinyere Azuka Mbaka is a teacher, a researcher, an editor, a copy writer, speaker, mentor, coach, trainer, creative designer and a minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. She is happily married with children.

Academic Credentials

BA - 1999 MA - 2007 PhD - 2018

Professional Association

Member, ACCE Member, ACSPN Member, IRA Member, IAMCR Member, CDN


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